Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Steps

Greetings Blogger Enthusiasts!

I would like to welcome everyone to my first official post :) To save you all some time, I'll cut right to the chase regarding the content of this blog. I wanted to provide some insight on my ambitions to "bridge the gap" between Eastern and Western medicine. The taste for medicinal fusion was cultivated by my parents (naturally). My mom works as a registered nurse as part of the Day Surgery Unit at UT Southwestern Medical Center while my dad runs his own business as a licensed Acupuncture doctor. It's your classic case scenario of two diverged point of views struggling to establish common grounds.

So what's worse than going to the doctor's office while you're wincing in pain only to find out that the treatment plan doesn't fly right with you? (I know I'm being vague but bear with me). I've heard so many stories about how patients are being tossed around between practitioners because either (a) the procedure suggested by Western doctors lacks the sense of comfort they would like in treatment or (b) the holistic approach that Eastern medicine offers just takes too damn long for them to get on with their lives. Well, this is where my story starts as I journey across the middle road in hopes to find a median between the two perspectives.

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