Monday, March 7, 2011

Gasoline Market Spikes

I thought I'd include some current events in this blog to keep the readers updated on what's going on in our crazy world. So what affects us on a national, if not global scale? You guessed it, gas prices. According to an article on CNN, we've apparently made history as U.S. gas prices jumped 34 cents in two weeks. Are you kidding me? That's absolutely absurd. I feel like our country will always be involved in mediating some kind of conflict that creates price fluctuations (i.e. Libya). There's no escaping it!! If the advocates of the green movement really wanted us to trade in our gas guzzlers for a more fuel efficient car, they can be more practical than hitting us where it hurts (assuming this is just a big conspiracy to get people to make the switch). And it might help to make the hybrids LESS expensive and MORE attractive than your standard four-door sedan.

It's unusual because analysts predicted that the prices would increase as it got closer to the summertime but I bet they didn't foresee the conflict in Libya in which the change is being attributed to... coincidence?

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